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  The Questionnaire  



Questionnaire Format

INDEX to The Questionnaire's Structural Parts 

Index of All Questions


  The Responses   


Answers to the Questions (one-by-one, in a line)

An INDEX to all the Answers (chose the question you want)


Summarized Data of All Responses (means ± s.d.'s  & %'ages)


Selected Subgroups Compared

The above link includes: 

      • Gender differences

      • Age differences

      • Differences linked to Race

      • Fatigue already present before becoming ill

      • Differences linked to the number of symptoms experienced


      • Two other comparisons of observed differences
        • Smokers versus non-smokers

        • Normal versus abnormal body size before and during this illness


Single Topics, explored:

When the answers suggest: Hypocapnia/ Hypophosphatemia



  From Responses to Hypotheses  





  Mitochondrial origins of "long-term" COVID-19  


Meet your Mitochondria

More complete exploration of mitochondrial characteristics

Mitochondrial illnesses

Mitochondrial illnesses, part II



  Approaching "Long-term"  COVID-19 from a Mitochondrial Perspective  


Selected Bibliography #1: Initial links between mitochondria & "long-term" COVID-19


Support for the hypothesis : "Long-term" COVID-19 is a mitochondrial disease



  Red (660 nm) & Near-Infrared Light   


Moving towards the light: Are we ready to cure this?

Perhaps a bit more information would help, before we embark.

     ( for that, see below ... )


Exploring Red (660 nm) and Near Infrared (830 nm) light

Bibliograpy #2 - a more complete look at the light

Offered to solidify structure. But don't get lost.


 Suggested applications of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) 


Packing for the trip: don't forget your peripheral brain/ summary notes/ cheat sheet


"Hey! Wake up! There's a pandemic goin' on here, for Chrissake!"


Off we go...

Much like with upcoming vaccines, there's a safety factor that we count on: past experience.

Studies suggest that we'll be Okay after embarking and leaving the port.


Would we like to have more answers from the lab benches of Basic Science? Yes, absolutely.

Is there time for that? No.

Are we being cavalier? No.

Will we teach you how to do this? Yes.


This is time to move, together, not alone.

With dauntless resolution.


Putting It All Into Practice - exactly that. Finally. The first 4 pages of your "How To" Manual.


Principal Investigator: BIO

Some anecdotes, showing how Science moves forwards by smudges.



  Our Current Study 


Pursuing required materiel at present.

Shall we do this alone? - If need be.

Here's a little video to get a feel for our double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study.

But a study of what? You'll have to click here to find out.








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