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Sometimes there isn't time or energy to listen to a good story.


When a screen writer is "pitching" his scenario to a potential producer, director, or star,

a 30 second (sometimes if very gracious, 3 minutes) time limit is imposed on the presentation.


Such a practice, while certainly a potential source of stress, may favor eloquence.


Let's try it here. A flyby in 5 quick passes at our subject of "long-term" COVID-19, before landing at the rest of the information to be shared.


In this overview, links to supportive material that would seem logical have been omitted deliberately, with the intention of keeping the reader on course.


In the actual content, links where needed are quite present.


The conclusions reached at the time of your arrival at #5 in this overview are based not on a hunch, but on careful analysis of the results of this survey.


This should take you 7.5 minutes.


  1. "Let Me Tell You About Our Questionnaire"  


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Number 1

Please fasten your seat belt.


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