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  Lay down your concerns over what others might think, and forge ahead.  


  1. A Questionnaire has taught us so much about an illness : "long-term" COVID-19.
  2. We have learned a great deal about this illness from those who responded. Our teachers.
  3. We have a hypothesis based on #1 & #2; that this is an energetics problem. That hypothesis includes:
    1. That mitochondria are in need of repair to beat the problem.
    2. That other critical substrates like phosphorus, are essential, but only effective after the repair process is well underway.
  4. Science is on our side:
    1. we understand mirochondria now, and so much of what they do. Far from everything.
    2. we know mitochondria can become ill, and have become ill during "long-term" COVID-19
    3. we know that red (660 nm) and near-infrared (830 nm) light is:
      1. safe, if properly applied
      2. been used to heal problems in many other types of illnesses
      3. fits the needs of the "long-term" COVID-19 illness to reverse extant problems of energetics
      4. readily available
      5. very amenable to Do-It-Yourself therapy at Home (you don't need a CAT scanner or OR table).
    4. Unlike lasers that generate heat along with their light, the LED variety of this LLLT generates very little to almost no heat. Let go of the idea of applying this light to warm up tired, sore muscles. It may help those muscles, but not by heating them up like infrared. While tanning beds and UV light have always had more attention, and an overlay of causing skin cancar, red and near-infrared light: 
      1. also comes from the sun - red is visible; near-infrared not, though close, but both still sunlight
      2. excess tanning at the beach has painful side effects, typically not true for red and near-infrared, yet excess may be possible. Unlike infrared light that treats by heating, as just mentioned, these don't.
      3. I don't have a single reference in my possession that suggest being a cause of cancer.
      4. Light from the sun is free. Something very nice about that. A gift.
      5. And like the sun, we must find all possible ways to simply give it away to all those who need it. And they are many.


      6. You can buy and own your light. You can never own its light.



  If All This Means Nothing To You: You're Probably Lost.  


Click the link at the top of this page that reads: "LOST: SHOW THE MAP" and start over.




But if you have been following along and can relate to the above, here's what's next:

        • Who should seek out and apply red (660 nm) & near-infrared (830 nm) light?
          • Those with "long-term" COVID-19
          • Those being treated in hospital with more severe or critical COVID-19 illness
          • Those who present increased risks for a pour outcome if infected
        • Where to get the equipment?
          • A quick look at what's available, with links
          • How it compares (not all are created equal when it somes to energy emitted).
        • How to use it.
          • How not to use it.
        • When to use it?
          • Right away of course; soon as yours arrives.




In all of the above, I have no stakes in this. Meaning, I have no motivation to be recommending a

manufacturer, seller, reseller, or anyone in the finances related to such purposes and applications.

No contract with anyone. No percentages of sales. Nothing like that. Free as a bird.


I'll share information about what I obtained, and from whom. After that, ... up to you.


Not completely a coincidence, I began studying red & near-infrared lights well before anyone had the words pandemic or SARS-CoV-2 on their lips. Started a few years back. As the references already presented adequately confirm, many have been deep into study of methods, materiel and indications for use of photobiomodulation (PBM) for years. As shown the results are there. Is there still uncertainty and a lack of knowledge about all aspects of low level light therapy (LLLT) and how/ why it works? Absolutely.


Then of course, there is still much to be learned about how a human brain works.

That doesn't keep neurosurgeons from operating on them every day.


I bought several such lights, appliances furnishing light through LEDs, and studied them.

Various sizes, various conformations, various prices.

I'll share what I learned, but this last section of our site, will aim at moving right ahead

towards reducing, if not ending, the suffering associated with "long-term" COVID-19.


This is no longer, as we learned to say during Surgical Residency: "If you can't fix it, don't find it."

I think this can be fixed.


Because of the mysteries, apparent inconsistencies, and unusual aspects of the "long-term" COVID-19 illness, we are currently still living a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Those with it, are waiting to see if it will just go away or present with another recurrence, as some have unfortunately lived. And yes, specific clinics have opened for their treatment. A multi-disciplinary approach is being structured. That's good. Let's get 'em the light.


If I had an attorney she would probably advise me not  to start talking diagnoses or making promises about therapeutic interventions, nor forgetting to mention all possible complications. She would say I should make it clear that I'm not responsible for anything bad that happens. If I forgot to tell everyone not to use this electric device while taking a bath, a shower, or swimming in their pool, and someone did, and suffered an undersired outcome, well I'd be sad for that person. 


But after about 40 years of doing everything I possibly could do to make a sick patient better, I think I'll just keep listening to my instincts. You should try the light, see what you think, and listen to your instincts as well.


Then give it away.



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