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  WHO ?  





  • If you responded to our "long-term" COVID-19 questionnaire, its combined response data and question by question analysis, suggests that you should try without hesitation, low level light therapy (LLLT) with a red (660 nm) and near-infrared (810 to 830 nm) device. (The Where, How, and When will follow on separate linked pages).
  • Here are two recent articles (1) and (2) that address the differences in presentation of the COVID-19 illness, including those self-termed as "long haulers." The articles conclude rather cautiously that the reasons behind these variations in presentation are not known. What if it was the energetics issue as our questionnaire clearly suggested? What if LLLT could improve the myriad symptoms or even bring them to an end, without leaving the security of one's home?




  • If you are a patient in the hospital who is severely ill and trying to avoid progression to a critical illness, with possible need for intubation, mechanical ventilation and additional support to maintain oxygenation, those caring for you should strongly consider our protocol. If you are not the patient, but know such a patient, keep reading.


    • Developed months ago, (April 4, 2020) it is still as valid as ever. It presents LLLT in a certain context. If those providing care learn from it, but decide to change it to fit their needs, so much the better. But they must strike while the iron is hot.
    • If you or someone you know has a CT Scan of the chest that looks like this image below, this protocol should be considered and tried.
    • As we saw in previous articles, it appears that the use of such therapy is finally catching up in the world to our protocol from last April.


covid-19-pneumonia-2 (CT Scan)


Here is our protocol:  Protocol for photobiomodulation of COVID-19 pneumonia - April 4, 2020.


Here is our protocol in French: Protocole de photobiomodulation pour pneumonie dû au COVID-19.


For any and all questions related to these protocols, contact information is provided in each.


So share these protocols broadly, without hesitation. And if you'd remember to mention, that would be nice as well.

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The responses to our questionnaire and their analysis leads to a hypothesis of problems in mitochondrial energetics as the fundamental problem of "long-term" COVID-19.


These responses were also able to confirm, through several comparisons, what is already suggested in the literature. Certain individuals are more at risk for a less than optimal outcome. You are probably already aware of these groups who may find themselves more often among those with less desireable outcomes from COVID-19. Individuals who are older, overweight, smokers, diabetics, those having who multiple symptoms each day even before COVID-19, those in the BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) populations. They appear quite evidently as respondents to our questionnaire. 


If we are correct that this illness presents an energetics problem, that the SARS-CoV-2 virus hijacks and damages sources of cellular energy throughout the body, this clearly poses a greater threat for all those listed above. They are starting their fight against the virus, from a position of depleted energy.


Of course, the best solution is to never catch the virus at all. And at the same time, work to correct all the deficits in the above list, that can be corrected. 


Part of that "correction" would be to top off cellular energy stores. Much like topping off gasoline in one's car before heading out on a long trip. Doing so, doing both, prevents undesired outcomes (more severe illness, or running out of gas in the middle of nowhere!).


So there should be no hesitation for those in Group 3 to use LLLT with red (660 nm) and near-infrared (810 to 830 nm) light to fill up their cellular energy tanks. Just in case of viral attack, and consistent with a drive towards "wellness," even if the virus never strikes. You should feel the difference in short order.


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