Mitochondria & COVID-19 : Is the Force with you ?

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Here's an interesting observation. In what follows, the information is 95 to 99% factually correct Medically and Scientifically. For the missing details, I suggest not worrying about them. 

If you want to worry about the small percentages, go ask Google.





  ATP is of course the abbreviation for Adenosine Tri-Phosphate.  



Everything that you eat is converted by your body into only a single energy source: ATP.

If you object that glucose, and fats, and some proteins too are converted into energy, that's a start.

But they are ultimately converted into the only energy currency your cells will accept: ATP.




If you buy a 30 mg vial of ATP at Sigma-Aldrich chemical company, do you know what it costs?


Ans. : 77 €uros. So that is their price for 0.03 grams. 1 gram would cost 2 567 €uros. 

Prefer US $'s? That's 3 061$US at today's exchange rate. For 1 gram.

And Sigma-Aldrich will send it right out to you today.




At that price, what would you have to pay for all the ATP that your body will make and turn over in the next 24 hours?

In 24 hours, approximately 60 Kg of ATP is turned over in a healthy adult person.

"Turn over" means the conversion of ADP and inorganic phosphate into ATP, then when that phosphate gets released for cellular energy and use, ADP goes back to the mitochondria and it starts all over again.


So? How much?


Ans. : 1. 4 million $US. (If you prefer to buy that in €uros : 1,173,643.93€. 

In either currency, Sigma-Aldrich will delivery it personally to your door in the next 8 hours if you decide instead to buy it from them.

You may be thinking: "Gee, any way I can sell off some of what my body makes in a day? I'm a little strapped for cash during this pandemic thing."




But the real point is: have you remembered to be grateful today, for all that your body miraculously does?


Eat what you want. But unless it's nails, your body will convert that into our energy charged molecule: ATP. The nails might serve as a source of iron, but Don't Eat Nails!


So who's doing all the work? 

Your mitochondria: In all of your metabolically active cells. In all your cells with nuclei.


So take a moment now, to thank your mitochondria.




"I know all about mitochondria, am grateful for their good work, but what's next?"

"Are we talking 'long-term' COVID-19 here, or cellular biology?"

Right answer: Yes, we are.


But if you'd like to learn more about these amazing organelles in your cells, making it possible in fact for you to read this right now, ...  


Here are some videos that should get across the key points, the key ATP links and components in the process, better than I can. Unless I took about 1.4 million pages to accomplish that.




Take me to the mitochondria >>>>


"I'll risk missing out. Let's skip to what's next." >>>>

(You're making a big mistake).






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