Mitochondrial diseases : a big problem. A real problem.

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A problem too big to discuss in depth here, but here is a link that summarizes mitochondrial disease quite completely. Scientifically complete as well. 

And of course, there are support groups, and pitched at families of those involved.


Such as the United Mitochondial Disease Foundation.


Here are the supported mitochondrial diseases at UMDF? Quite a list.


Here, their more in depth summary of these mitochondrial conditions.


And on the page linked to above, this caught our attention ...


3 plus organ systems suggests mitochondrial disease



The respondents to our questionnaire on "long-term" COVID-19 had on average, 6.4±3 organ systems involved. Some will argue that this was subjectively determined, and not by physical exam or tests. 

We think it's worth noticing.






Here is another support group: MitoAction   

And here, their list of mitochondrail diseases.


So yes, this field of Medicien is a challenge. And especially for the patients affected and their families.


Research is of course ongoing.


> Here is a review of current therapies and those on the horizon for mitochondrial diseases.

Emerging therapies for mitochondrial disorders




   Back On Course, or Not Yet ?   


You will notice that subsequent articles here have a format change, presenting more and more references to supportive articles. Articles from the famously respected "peer reviewed" literature.


Why this evolution ?


Because we will soon wade into unusual waters. 


"Unusaul" in the sense that day-to-day Medicine, and the problems patients present to it, and especially the commonly practiced therapeutic interventions, is not where we are headed. 


And very soon as we proceed here, we will be in deep uncharted waters. 

Some will read and follow here and imagine us bobbing up and down out in the surf.

Many will conclude: "Sorry, just can't believe in your hypothesis."


But the "peer reviewed" sources to build an argument are present and available. We'll collect these for you in a bibliography each time we suggest something. Some articles will be right on target. Others will simply be throught provoking.


It's a bit strong to suggest that a novel virus and its illness, may need a novel therapy. Not just variations: steroids or no? hydroxycholoquine or no? transfusing recovered donor serum or no?

But something that, like so many innovations, has ben around but had not yet made that really big impact.


Now, that may change.




   So Here, Some References to the Prior Art   


Just to get used to this.

I will offer very few words to explain these as they are placed. We have to move on now.



Mitochondria - in sickness and in health

No better place to start than with Jodi Nunnari.


And since for many, this will be a list towards the increasingly incomprehensible, we'll place others from the "peer reviewed" literature on a separate page. They are selected for inclusion, because they are stepping stones to where we are headed. Think of them as a selected bibliography.


Sometimes when we seem to be getting "there," it's nice to be able to turn, look back, and ask; "How did we get here?"



Let's see the Selected Bibliography >>>>>>>


Instead, just take me to

the next critical point in this journey of discovery >>>>>>




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