Q. 58 - Respondent advice to others with "long-term" COVID-19

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The 118 answers provided are placed here in the order they were given.


Here in a PDF file, Advice to others with "long-term" COVID-19, which may be easier to reead and review than the image below.


And here below as a graphic copy.


Without wanting to induce bias in your readings, nor needing to pick my favorites, I notice the following:


      • They seem to echo much of what has been learned elsewhere throughout this questionnaire.
      • Some responses provide specific advice of a therapeutic nature; such as which supplements or medicines to take and what doses. Rather than chastise for practicing Medicine without a license (and who knows if the respondent has one or not?), I take this differently. They represent an effort to fill a gap in a treatment plan. A gap that perhaps should not exist. Our question about finding effective sources of emotional support addressed this. The next set of written advice in Q. 59 addresses this as well.
      • Very often, advice to rest and not push too hard & too soon (I'm paraphrasing here), appears in these remarks. That is inescapably tied to the symptom of 'fatique' being so prevalent in responses about symptoms. Fatigue is the primary symptom Early, During, and still Currently for those with "long-term" COVID-19.  This is a cellular energy deficit illness.  We'll come back to that.



Here are 6 pages of advice to others, from those with "long-term" COVID-19:






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