Q. 59 - Advice to those providing care for "long-term" COVID-19 patients

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107 answers and 29 skipped.


Here are the responses offering advice to the health-care system, in the order received, in PDF format (easier to read),


and in the graphic below.





Most comments here, from patient directed towards provider, are negative.

But 'negative' is the wrong word. There are a few (perhaps 5) that are quite positive about the exchange and care offered and received.


Those that are less flattering are like puzzle parts. They each describe a part of the provider-patient exchange that did not work. So when all the pieces are put together, it becomes clear that there is some work to be done before getting to a state of effective therapy for "long-term" COVID-19. 


It is not all one-sided. Here we are missing the advice to the patient from the provider. 

How did the patient present that could have hampered the process? A process already hampered by an ever-increasing number of those seeking care and assistance.


But it is likely that the virus, with all of its 'novel' aspects, did not break the system.

It was already broken and masquerading as intact.  Now we know different.


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