Q. 40 - Symptoms CURRENTLY when responding to Questionnaire

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23 Additional symptoms were added by these 135 respondents (1 skipped the question).


Are the numbers of symptoms STILL PRESENT on the day of responding to the questioannaire different from those present DURING the majority of the illness?


During : 16.250 ± 8.270  n = 132

Currently :  12.621 ± 7.132  


Answer is that these means are different. (p = 0.0003) and the number of symptoms currently is less than the number during the illness.


In some ways it is at least reassuring to know that symptoms increased from Early to Duringt, then diminished on the Still Present day. 


How many of the symptoms present on the BEFORE list of symptoms, were present on the last (Still Present) set?  


Here's how that was approached. Here is a clip from our results database :

The top two fields in white, record if the respondent skipped either Question 37 or 40.

The check box on the left confirms when a symptom was present BEFORE and CURRENTLY.

The light green checkboxes below confirm when a specific symptom, for instance 'Headaches' was selected by the respondent as present in each question.





Here is another example:


Here the respondent indicated in Q. 37 that present BEFORE becoming ill with "long-term" COVID-19, were  Muscular aches & pains, Joint pains and problems moving around, Pronounced hair loss, and Nail changes. These are checked because they were again selected by the respondent in Q. 40, for CURRENT symptoms on the day of the questionnaire. On the right, a numeric field has correctly counted those that were present in both.





Summarizing these data for the total sample of respondents looks like this:





So to go through these numbers:

"All Respondents" = 132 of the Total 135, since 3 questionnaires were of poor quality and excluded.

From these respondents, 88 of the 132 (66.7%) had at least 1 symptom selected as occuring BEFORE and still present CURRENTLY. In fact, a total of 203 symptoms matched in responses to the two questions.


The database permits seeing how this topic presents in different subgroups ( by gender or age for example). But here we are focusing on the overall sample.


So even with this "shopping list" method, certain characteristics of the respondents become more apparent.


Two-thirds already had symptoms before beginning the viral illness of COVID-19. 

These symptoms persisted during the illness up to the day they were communicated through the questionnaire, and probably after.


This should shed further light on those with the "long-term" variant of COVID-19.


They would seem to be a majority. 




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