Q. 39 - Symptoms DURING the course of "long-term" COVID-19

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Again, 27 respondents added additional symptoms to the suggested list of 58.




The number of symptoms selected remains huge.


Most of the symptoms are again selected.


While some changes in frequency when sorted by number of responses have occurred, this is not a clearly different set of responses.

It is noticed that 'dizziness' and 'memory problems' have moved up a few places in frequency.


Are they diffrent in number from the EARLY symptom list?


Yes. They have increased from 14.008 ± 7.933 symptoms on average during the EARLY period of illness to 16.250 ± 8.720 symptoms on average per respondent DURING the illness as it persisted.


Are these means different?


Yes. And that difference is significant. (p = 0.0298). There are more symptoms DURING this illness than in its EARLY course. This suggests that as it progressed in time, the symptoms grew more numerous.



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