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Questions will be presented in order, beginning here, and on the subsequent linked pages.

One question per page. The idea is to let you form your overall impression about these questions, the answers provided, and this group of respondents presenting with "long-term" COVID-19.


This oreder embodies the  structure map of the Questionnaire, presented previously.


136 surveys were completed. 1 arrived after data analysis had already been performed, and we decided not to start over with all of that.

Of the rest, only 3 are not included in what follows, having been judged unacceptabel because of inconsistent dates, excessive numbers of incomplete responses and a response grade less than 1. This was based on a Likert Scale of 0 to 5 as defined below.



Using this scale, the 132 remaining questionnaires had a mean score for acceptability of 4.21±0.98.


Time to respond averaged 29 minutes, 32 seconds to complete its 60 questions.


Results based on comparisons within or between groups for specific questions, such as differences found by gender or age for example, will be presented after the complete results for the 132 taken as a complete response set.


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