Q. 30 - A typical day at present includes ...

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Twenty respondents felt the need to add to this extensive list of suggested possible activities and habits.


Here are those responses :




Each person responding does not of course, do all these activities. 

Yet taken together, these are a broad range of activities.

Though ill, these respondents are not inactive.

Some of the additional activities are more symptoms or therapies than activities.


By order of frequency selected, fatique/ "being tired all the time" is a major finding for how a day is spent. Other responses ("sleeping more," "wandering around in a fog," "having a caretaker, when not needed before," seem to fit with diminished available energy stores. Does this begin at a cellular level, passing through tissular and organ system levels to present as a persisent problem for the body as a whole?


Are these problems of rapid depletion of the body's energy stores different than for most other prolonged illnesses?




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