Q. 33 - How and where did you catch this viral illness ?

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There are additional responses to those suggested in the questionnaire. These are the third most frequent, and are presented below.




While almost 40% have no idea about when, where, and how they became infected, the remainder, and again a majority, seem to have some pretty good ideas or leads.


Also important, being outside, such as waiting with others before the start of a race, is no guarantee of safety.  And in spite of reports to the contrary, working in a hospital environment (position n°2 here) seems high risk. This followed closely by "at home with family." 


The responses present a diffuse assortment of locations. The utility of this may be that all encounters led, in this case, to "long-term" COVID-19. So there does not seem too be a specific "setting" that leads to this illness much more often.


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