Q.1 & Q.2 : DOB & Age

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Q.1 & Q.2 : DOB & Age Range


5 respondents furnished erroneous dates of birth (entered the response date or a date after symptoms began). They had all furnished an email address, were contacted and these were corrected).


Birth dates of this sample ranged from May, 1948 to August 2003. These have been converted into age in years, and are presented below as an Age Range distribution.


Mean age was : 48.19 ± 10.90 years for n = 130.


Nine respondents who did provide DOB in Q.1, did not select an Age Group in Q2.


Q2 - Age Groups - 5 Nov


When compared with demographic data for respondents by race and country, those under age 25 and over age 74 years were under represented in the Questionnaire respondents. 

This probably informs very little about actual age distribution of "long-term" COVID-19, and probably more about personal computer use habits, since the questionnaire depends on such access.


UK White vs Q - Age distributions (n=125)



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