A Quick Flyby: Can Light Therapy Work for "Long-term" COVID-19 ?

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Number 5




   5. "Let Me Tell You About How We Will Learn If This Works, Or Doesn't"  


"How would you know?"

That's not meant as a personal challenge or insult. It's meant as the right question to ask.

It's not: "How would you know?"  It's: "How could you know?"

That seemingly unnecessary distinction helps to keep everyone thinking together.

I avoided writing, to keep everyone on the same wavelength, but could have.


And the right answer is: through application of the established Scientific Method. 

In the presentation of results that follows this overview, good use was made of this method.


Vaccines are apparently on the way. Some have arrived. That all looks big, very big.

The fruit of very big studies and dedicated efforts of literally millions, completed in record time.


To begin, to challenge our hypotheses, this continued study of a specific light's effects on "long-term" COVID-19 need not be that big.


But it must be correct.


  "Let Me Tell You About How We'll Prove That This Works"   


  • Through a double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study, now underway.
  • Through statistical control of the results; not through anecdote.
  • By presenting those results to all those who are dedicated to and involved in making those with  "long-term" COVID-19, better.
  • By remaining dedicated to clarity in our purpose, in what sounds like a mission statement:


The light must be shared. It belongs to no one.

It can be used, but must then be passed on.

Through this right attitude, its effectiveness will be multiplied.


You may buy a light. You can never own the light.


No more than you can own the sun's light.


One can express this not only as the right attitude, but also the light attitude.




Having now completed our 5 point flyby over the terrain of "long-term" COVID-19, it's time to land,

grounding any future efforts made, in the stability of the science already practiced & presented here.





Perhaps this overview has already adequately served your needs. We're happy for that.


If that is not the case, let's get you back to the more complete Introduction and the pages that follow it.


If you're searching for the practical aspects of this work, click that link.


And if, during the rest of your sojourn here you get lost, remember the Map at the top of each page.

It will get you back on the right road, leading once again to the light.


Red at the End


Maybe the "long-haul" can be shortened just a bit.



And don't forget to Contact Us for any questions.


But before you start delving into the 96 articles that lead to the conclusion on this page,

let me lighten up a bit and sing you a song.

( I'm sure my buddy from Hawaii, B.M. sang it much better than I ).




OK. Now back to work since so much remains to be done.


We'll try to stay close to this maxim :


Two Mistakes Along the Way to Mastery





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