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Number 3






  3. "Let Me Tell You What Was Learned"  


  • It would seem that those suffering with "long-term" COVID-19 have a cellular energy problem.
  • Most symptoms expressed by these respondents suggest a potential link to mitochondria.
  • These "power houses" of the cell, were hijacked by viral particles for their own reproductive use.
  • These cellular organelles were left if not permanently damaged, badly underserved by the system designed to bring them substrate for generation of ATP; the body's ultimate source of renewable energy.
  • One model of this might be a water wheel that has hit on a nearly complete and very long dry spell.
  • If this hypothesis seems far fetched, it is not. It is quite adequately supported by the "peer-reviewed" Medical and Scientific Literature. Those references are presented.
  • The evolution from respondent answers to this hypothesis also supports a second hypothesis that this is a reversible process, and that the cellular energy deficit can be replenished. This improvement to be expected only after the "machinery" (Electron Transport Chain) that supplies the "turbine" (ATP Synthase) has been repaired or refueled.



This Summary of What Was Learned, completes Part 3 of this Overview.




  4. "Let Me Tell You About Where the Needed Energy Can Be Obtained"   


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Number 4



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