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  1. "Let Me Tell You About Our Questionnaire"  


  • This effort grew out a personal desire to turn all the negatives of a pandemic, into something positive.
  • Those presenting with "long-term" COVID-19 and its medically uncommon findings attracted attention for someone with my background.
  • That includes a career in Medicine, Surgery & related Research that began in 1974.
  • This accompanied by a persistent desire to offer help through better understanding.
  • Worth the effort? Current estimates of those with a prolonged course of COVID-19 are at least 10% to 20%, and up to 50% of all those with COVID-19. The 50% estimate is probably high, but too early to tack that down more precisely. On December 15, 2020, Johns Hopkins CSSE announced 72,850,994 global cases. So 10% would be over 7 million people involved.
  • As the Boys Scouts motto on my uniform used to read: "Be Prepared."




  • To better understand "long-term" COVID-19 required gathering better information about it.
  • Many of those presenting with this variant of the COVID-19 illness were available for interviewing.
  • That interview took place in the form of an online questionnaire:
    • 60 questions
    • 30 minutes to respond, on average
    • questions selected based on established principles & practice of medical history taking


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  2. "Let Me Tell You About The Answers"  



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