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  2. "Let Me Tell You About The Answers"  


  • 136 respondents presenting with "long-term" COVID-19, completed the questionnaire from September to November of 2020.
  • Answers were collected, individually commented upon and summarized for each of the 60 questions.
  • Answers were combined to allow their presentation as averages (means ± standard deviations).
  • Answers are also presented as numerical and percentage values where appropriate.
  • Answers are also presented as statements of advice written by these respondents to others suffering the same illness. Advice is also given to those with whom they had contact in their healthcare system.
  • Comparisons were made of several subgroups, identifying differences based on age, gender, race, body size and the presence or absence of certain symptoms and habits (e.g., smoking, nutritional supplement use).
  • 78 such subgroups for specific subjects (or 57 variables to be exact) were identified by regrouping the responses. For each subject, their responses to the 60 questions were reviewed.


That summary of the answers completes Part 2 of this Overview.




  3. "Let Me Tell You About What We Learned"  


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