A Quick Flyby: The Needed Energy is Light (E = h · nu)

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Number 4



  4. "Let Me Tell You About The Light"   


  • It's both red and near-infrared light of specific wavelengths.
  • It usually comes from the sun. If you go out, you get some every day. At the beach, you get more.
  • It is not the better known light that tans or burns. Nor the one that shows you leaves are green and lights your way along your path. But lilke all of those, it is also provided free by our sun.
  • Devices are available at a reasonable price that allow use of this light locally, at home.
  • It provides energy because it has a frequency. And of course, E = h·v ...
  • Definitions: The frequency is often given the name "nu", a Greek letter whch looks a lot like a "v". Planck's constant is usually called "h". Its value is about 6.626*10^-34 Joules/ Hz. A Joule is a unit of energy, and a Hertz is a unit of frequency, so when you multiply a frequency of these lights by h you get an energy. If you keep the light on 1 minute, you get an energy density. (More explanation than that, and this is no longer a flyby overview).
  • In many different applications, these red and near-infrared sources of energy have been proven safe.
  • It can be used to transfer energy from one form (light) into another: ATP ( through activation of specific energy-related cellular proteins).
  • It has been used to heal wounds, treat traumatic brain injury, treat depression and many other uses.
  • It has already been used in treatments applied to patients with COVID-19.
  • It hasn't caught on yet and needs a little push, a jump start, to broaden its application to the "long-term" variant of COVID-19, but to other uses as well, also related to that illness.


This Summary of Energy from Light, completes Part 4 of this Overview.




  5. "Let Me Tell You About How We Will Learn If This Works, Or Doesn't"   


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