Q.11 - Pre-illness Social Roles

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Q.11 - The following list of 22 possible suggested completions was offered to each respondent.

These were offered in random order and have been sorted below by frequency of response for ease of presentation.





Below are a few examples of several combinatons of posibilities that are obtained not from the above list, but from querying the database of responses:


Employed and married :  114 respondents (84%)

Employed and with a partner : 104 (77%)

Employed and single : 103 respondents (76.3%)

Employed & Could not work from home : 95 (70.4%)

Working in healthcare : 36 (26.7%) - this also suggests that the sample size is adequate to represent known distributions. For instance in the UK, 30.6% of all Public Sector staff work in healthcare in the NHS.



These various characterizations of social roles, are also subsequently put to use to help discover differences in the various components of the "long-term" COVID-19 illness.


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