Q. 44 - Emotional symptoms and findings

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No respondent skipped this question.




The first two responses seen above, need not be emotional at all. They (difficulty concentrating and slowed thought process could be due to a neurologic illness.) Nevertheless, they can be classic signs of depression, to name one diagnosis.


But for all the rest, it is clear that for the "29% Emotional" component discovered in the previous results, many are the emotional symptoms that present along with the "long-term" COVID-19 physical symptoms. Or perhaps as an afterthought, ... don't present, when they should be presenting.


Subsequent analysis of the next questions will make that more clear. And only 2 respondents so far, were unaware of emotional thoughts or feelings, or unable to name them.


Here is a numerical summary of the emotional symptoms presented by the total sample (132) through their responses :




An average of 7 emotional symptoms experienced by each person who responded to the questionnaire.


The time for a "wait and see" approach is no longer appropriate, as this article points out.




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