Q.3 : Date illness began

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The range of dates given for when this illness began extended from : November 14, 2019 to September 21, 2020. This later date seemed much more recent than most for being included in the "long-term" group, but was not excluded from the count.


The calculated mean of all values provided for when this illness began was 26 March, 2020, day 86 of the year, with a standard deviation of ± 45.02 days around that mean date.


The illness began before this date for 76 respondents, and for 59 after 26 March of this year.


A 20 day span (10 days before and 10 days after 26 March) included the Start of illness date for 55 respondents (41.67%). Extending this window to a 40 day span, from 6 March to 15 April, included 87 respondents (65.9% of the sample). 


The duration of illness between start of illness date, and the date of the questionnaire response if still ill, was 6.56 ± 1.62 months, or 26.24±6.46 weeks.



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