Q. 31 - Health status BEFORE COVID-19

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In a 60 question questionnaire, sometimes precise objective answers give way to speed of response.

So a long list of potential health problems and diagnoses was not used. Nevertheless, 1 or several important health problems were captured in 3 possible responses. 


Those who flt that they were not in "perfect health" or "average health for age," represented 21.48 + 6.67 + 2.22% = 30.37% or just under one third of respondents. This figure suggests a state of chronic illness that is slightly less frequent in respondents, than in the population.


While health status in a country is frequently expressed in terms of life expectancy, for the race and gender majorities located similarly to the sample of respondents, 40% have no chronic illness. 40% have 1 chronic disease, and 15% have at least 2 chronic illnesses. These Year 2019 figures are reported here.


There may be a correlation with the responses found here: 42.22% have a health status "typical for age, OK I guess" which we take as no chronic illness present before becoming ill with COVID-19.


If we resume "typical for age," (42.22%), "perfect health" (23.70%), and "an athlete's form" (5.93%) = 71.85% of respondents did not have a health status making them unusually vulnerable to a viral illness.

This suggests the possibility that these respondents were, before becoming ill, somewhat healthier than the population from which this sample was drawn. A more informative answer would probably require a separate questionnaire, dedicated only to this topic of usual health status. We offer the conclusion that this sample was representative of the health of the population from which they were drawn.


Health impacting habits, such as smoking, and the demonstrable effects on aspects of the "long-term" COVID-19 illness, are addressed elsewhere.




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