Q. 22 - Date when began to feel better

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As indicated, 56 responsed of 135 (41.48%), and 80 (59.3%) skipped this question.


Skipping the question was taken to mean that the respondent had never felt better during the course of the illness. (suggested in the wording of the question).


For those who responded, from the Start of Illness date to the "Felt Better" date, represented a mean interval of 58.774±78.073 days


The Mean "Felt Better" date for this sample = 24 May, 2020 ± 95.23 days.

That date ranged from 15 February to 25 October. Of course, this varying with when the illness began.


A subsequent question (results reported next) asks about when respondents Felt Worse again, if that was the case.


Twelve who noted improvement indicated a "Felt Better" date, but never subsequently "Felt Worse." For these, that improvement happened at a mean of 75.0­±130.61 days from when their illness began.


Mean "Felt Better" date for this subset of 12 who never "Felt Worse" = June 1, 2020 ± 161.52 days.



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