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Questionnaire MindMap - 5 November, 2020 - b


Baseline information requested of each respondent varied from information felt generally useful, to information more specifically related to "Long-term" COVID-19.


These are based in the type of information obtained in any medical history aimed at providing a diagnosis (a name for the disease) and eventual treatment. While essential information that is usually asked in that setting, allergies for instance, are not indicated above, they are presented in the questionnaire as a possible response.


As an example from the questionnaire, "Pre-illness Social Role" was presented as follows:


Select all those that are appropriate

- single
- married
- with a partner 
- father, with children
- mother, with children
- have a partner, with children
- child or young adult, living alone
- child or young adult, with children
- parent; children grown & elsewhere
- age > 70, live alone
- mentally or physically handicapped
- homemaker
- breadwinner
- employed
- unemployed
- group leader, pastor, teacher
- private business owner
- corporate setting, >10 employees
- working in healthcare
- could not work from home
- just stopped work


Expanding further on the several components presented above, will be done as the responses to the questionnaire are subsequently presented.


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