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Hello! (Not many 1-Question-Surveys out there these days ... )


Individuals with “long-term” COVID-19 are now more commonly taking medications or supplements recommended by various sources.


For example, Vitamin-D, Zinc, Niacin, Selenium, Vitamin-C, others. For example, some are taking one of various forms of Vitamin B-3 (niacin, niacinamide) with the goal of supplying more NAD+ to cellular metabolic processes: Perhaps as a way of fighting against the common complaint of “fatigue.”


Unless you're taking multiple doses per day of a “Multiple Vitamin,” what follows would refer to separate additional doses of this specific vitamin in any of its forms, not to a single multi-vitamin.



  Here is a 1 question questionnaire!  


If you are a person presenting with the “long-term” variant of the COVID-19 illness, select the right answer for you from the list below:


A. I am not taking supplemental Niacin

B. I am not taking supplemental Niacin and have NOT noticed a worsening of my vision.

C. I am not taking supplemental Niacin, and HAVE also noticed a worsening of my vision.

D. I am taking supplemental Niacin but have NOT noticed a worsening of my vision.

E. I am taking supplemental Niacin, and HAVE also noticed a worsening of my vision.

F. None of the above, or other (please explain below).


Your Explanation if you chose ‘F’:


AFTER you have responded (but only after of course!) click this link to find out why we have asked you this question. Don't need to click now. That link won't go away. And thanks for your participation.


It would be great if you could supply your response!

It will be shared with others currently suffering the effects of "long-term" COVID-19 to help them as well.


The accumulated responses will be available here on this site after a significant number have been obtaned. After you have responded, you will also be able to see immediately how others responded.


To take this 1 question survey, CLICK HERE. (Predicted duration: 1 minute!).

Thank you. 


Your responses are completely anonymous. While certain surveys also gather respondent IP addresses from their computer, this was specifically selected against in the present questionnaire.

So if you have anything else to add, you'll have to leave us a comment here, or use our Contact info.


At the end of 12 hours for this survey, 17 respondents and 46 visits to this page. That's about a 36.96% response rate. 


At essentially 24 hours, 23 respondents and 65 visites to this page = 35.39% response rate.


Typically, one has to devote a fair amount of energy to "selling" a questionnaire if one wants lots of responses. Data mining by moving from one blog to the next to get it introduced. We'll just let this one fend for itself and see what happens. Response rates of 5 to 30% are typical, and anything over 50% is excellent.  


Finally, to answer the question: "Who's asking?" here is a link to my BIO on this site.


And there you have it ...


If you'd like to know more about what this site is all about, select either our "flyby" overview, or the full Introduction page.



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